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Recipes do not come naturally, for this I usually rely on various (BBQ-related or otherwise) cookbooks. Below you can find a list of what I have in my bookcase.

Smokey Goodness

This book is a must-have for any BBQ enthusiast. I've learned a lot from this and still look into it every week for inspiration.

Smokey Goodness 2

With this book the world of asado has opened up for me. I didn't know yet how versatile you could be grilling on an open BBQ.

Smokey Goodness 3

Braai, that was a completely unknown concept to me. Until I bought this book. Man what delicious dishes can you make here!

Smokey Goodness: Winter BBQ

Winter BBQ was already known to me, but through this book I started to learn more about game dishes and cooking with cast iron.

Smokey Goodness: No Worries BBQ

BBQ and have no worries? Blessed! This book has made me realize that there are also recipes where you let the BBQ do the work and you can just sit with your guests.

Smokey Goodness: Burgers & Bites

For this book I did everything low & slow. Now there is also regular hot & fast burger! Very nice book with super tasty snacks and burgers!

Smokey Goodness: BBQ Feast on Fire

For when it could be a bit more bombastic. I use this book not only as inspiration for somewhat larger dishes but also for smaller dishes for a Brunch or Lunch.

Black Smoke: BBQ, Booze & Attitude

Culinary BBQ was no stranger to me. Because of my experience at Smokey Diem I have already prepared a number of beautiful dishes. This book has given me more insight into the mise-en-place and the importance of good preparation.

Lennox Hastie.jpg
Op zoek naar het vuur

Bij het zien van Chef's Table: BBQ zat ik met open mond naar het scherm te staren bij de aflevering van Lennox. Toen was het duidelijk: Ik moest en zou dit boek in mijn bibliotheek hebben.

streetfood & snacks.jpg
Streetfood & Snacks

Quick recipes that you can eat straight away. I learned that from this book. Many recipes that have appeared or will appear on this website will be based on a recipe from this book.

vuur en vlam.jpg
In Vuur en Vlam

Standard BBQ, you would think a simple concept. But if you are more involved with the culinary side, you sometimes lose sight of the simple things. This book helps me with that.

zout op het vuur.jpg
Zout op het vuur

I watched the first season of Grillmasters with admiration. What these men all accomplished on an open fire was amazing to me! I want to try that myself!

de perfecte barbecue.jpg
De perfecte barbecue

How do you light the fire? How do you control the temperature? This book taught me all!

bbq en bier.jpg
Barbecue & Bier

Just like BBQ, beer has always interested me. In this book I have come across surprising recipes with beer. Highly recommended!

Dutch oven.jpg
Dutch Oven

Since Smokey Goodness: winter BBQ I have owned a Dutch oven, but I didn't have much experience with this. This book has helped me a lot with that!

bier zkt vis.jpg
Bier zkt Vis

Fish dishes are not that easy to find, especially if you want to combine them with a nice drink. This book has given me insights into different types of fish and how to pair them with beer.

culinaire bbq.jpg
Culinaire BBQ

Meat, everyone knows how to fry it, but how do you cut it best? This book explains step by step how to treat each piece of meat.

complete kookboek.jpg
Het complete kookboek

Not every book should be about BBQ, this book is full of grandmother's recipes. You can perfectly transform this into a tasty BBQ dish.

nog eenvoudiger.jpg
Pascale Naessens: Nog eenvoudiger

Pascale Naessens in the bookshelf of a BBQ fanatic? How did it get this far?

It doesn't always have to be bombastic with a lot of sauce. From this book I get inspiration for some healthier dishes that are ready quickly.

nog eenvoudiger 2.jpg
Pascale Naessens: Nog eenvoudiger 2

Following on from Even simpler , I also bought this book, even more recipes with few ingredients that are ready quickly! Great for quick dishes at a lunch time.

echt eten.jpg
Pascale Naessens: Echt eten

BBQ should not only consist of the 'unhealthier' dishes with a lot of sugar. I use this book as inspiration for healthier dishes, because even I sometimes have to pay attention to my diet.

Kookboek voor GEEKS

I myself am a huge Fantasy fan. This cookbook really appealed to me with recipes from titles such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings . As a Geek, of course, I had to own these.

Het enige echte mannen kookboek

When I saw this book I knew I had to have it on my shelf. The recipes are super simple and really made for me.

I get the inspiration for pure meat dishes from this book.

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