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My Gear

On this page you will find my collection of BBQs. You can click on the picture to get some more information about each BBQ: How do you light it, how do you keep the fire under control, how do you maintain it?

weber mt png.png

Bullet BBQ

I think every BBQ lover has this in range.


GMG Daniël Boone

Super easy for longer sessions!


El Fuego Pellet grill

A cheaper pellet grill, nice device for longer sessions.

vuurschaal png.png

Fire bowl

I cook directly in fresh coals in a real fire bowl.

el fuego png.png

Offset Smoker

Standard cheap offset smoker.

patton kamado.png

Patton Kamado

This was my very first BBQ. This is where it all started!



Grilling on a wood fire really gives a delicious taste!

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