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6 snacks for Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl is a big thing in the BBQ scene, many people who are intensively involved with BBQ have a close relationship with the USA. That is why a Super Bowl party should not be missed!

At such a party, the BBQ is traditionally lit and some snacks are prepared to eat during the match. These 6 snacks should certainly not be missing at your party!



Of course, THE snack par excellence should not be missed at a BBQ party! These MOINK balls are guaranteed to be a hit. The only problem you will encounter is that you will ask yourself why you didn't make more.


Whiskey Wings

Traditionally, chicken wings are served at a Super Bowl party, usually buffalo wings. This version is not inferior to this classic! Fingerlicking good!


Pulled Pork Nacho's

When you watch a movie you often take a bag of chips with you, don't you? At the Super Bowl you can replace this bag with some nachos. Prepare them on the BBQ, add some pulled pork and you have the perfect snack!


Brisket Burnt Ends

What's more American than brisket? For the Super Bowl, we get our A-game out! These Burnt Ends from brisket are a real success!


Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Is brisket slightly above your price range? These Pork Belly Burnt Ends should certainly not be inferior! They are ready faster and taste just as good!


Rib Fingers

Some people like to eat their ribs while others hate it. There is nothing more annoying to look for a container at the Super Bowl to deposit your chewed ribs. See here! The solution!

What are you going to make this Super Bowl Sunday? Let me know or tag me in your creations!

Live the magic, start a fire!

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