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Review: Braairub no.4

Due to the many positive reactions on social media, I changed my mind. Braairub no.4 by De Fik Erin had to be in my spice cupboard. No sooner said than done. I went to and bought it immediately.


First Impression

The rub comes in a handy jar with a sprinkle lid for easier dosing. From the moment you open the jar, my god, what a smell !! So sensational and because of the rooibos and sumac you immediately imagine yourself in Africa. The rub itself is fairly coarse, so you can mix it perfectly with some oil and use it as a marinade.

The first taste test only made my enthusiasm grow, after the smell the taste was also great! Time to test the product!


The use

First of all, on the advice of GHENTlemensbbq, I started on grilled potatoes (the full recipe can be found on this page). The African touch of the herbs really adds value to these potatoes!

Because I usually see this rub in combination with vegetables, I started with a piece of turkey, I wanted to see how this rub works in combination with a piece of poultry and I must say: I was pleasantly surprised. The lack of sugars in this rub makes it ideal for direct grilling.



  • The rub has a coarse structure, so you can also use it as a marinade or sauce

  • The lack of sugar makes it very suitable for grilling directly over the coals

  • The South African touch adds value to vegetables as well as meat or fish



  • If you overdo it a bit with this rub, it will dominate the whole dish.

  • He runs out really fast, but that's because he's so good


What can be done better?

There is absolutely nothing to criticize about this rub. It is simply great and highly recommended for everyone!

In short: this rub is an all-rounder!

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