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Review: Gloves

It was almost Christmas and my previous gloves, cheap from the action, were completely worn out: they had holes everywhere and they really didn't hold back the heat. Then let me put new gloves on my wish list, I thought. A few weeks later, there was indeed a package of new gloves under the Christmas tree!

You can find my findings below.


First impression

The gloves feel very rough and when you put them on they almost reach my elbow. So they protect a lot more than just your hand, am I finally going to get her back on my arms?

After a first test I accidentally notice that they are not really cut resistant. I ran into a sharp edge with the gloves on and there was immediately a nice bite out of the glove. But are they heat resistant?

Time to put it to the test!


The use

While making my pea soup, I found the perfect opportunity to test these gloves. The cast iron of the dutch oven can become super hot.

When I did actions with the dutch oven, the gloves just felt warm in the beginning. However, after a while (1 minute) this heat started to burn. So far the heat resistance of the gloves.

In a second test with my beef tortillas I put on the gloves when I was turning the meat, etc. The gloves surprised me. After the previous test I thought they weren't heat resistant at all but now I couldn't feel the heat of the fire at all. The cast iron will probably have been much warmer than the insulation value of the gloves in the previous test.



  • The gloves are quite large so they also protect your forearm nicely;

  • They protect very well against the heat during 'normal' operations.



  • It is best not to perform any operations with cast iron, as they will burn through the gloves;

  • The gloves are not cut resistant either, I immediately had a nice bite out of it.


What can be done better?

There is a lot that can be improved with these gloves, I think the insulation between the outer wall and the inner lining has not been carefully placed and you get different hotspots in the gloves.

For 'normal' actions with pliers or a brush, the heat is not a problem at all, these will also be the main moments that I will be using these gloves.

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