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Review: Longstreet smokers Beech wood

A while ago I received a package from Longstreet Smokers.

The package contained 2 bags of smoke chips (Beech and Apple), each with a nice label with the Longstreet Smokers logo and the type of wood.

In this review, I am going to discuss the Beech chips.


First Impression

When I opened the bag of chips, the first impression was that it smelled a bit musty. This could of course be because the parcel was stuffed in my letterbox by the supplier and became quite wet due to the rain.

The chips themselves were of a good size. You often see chips with a large variation in sizes, which is not the case with these chips. They are all nicely the same size, which will ensure an even combustion and a constant supply of smoke.


The use

I tested the chips with a nice piece of lamb rack. If you want the full recipe you can find it on this page.

I have chosen not to soak the chips in water, this can disturb the taste of the wood, but to wrap them in some aluminum foil and place them between the coals. In this way I can consider the chips as if they are a chunk.

The package needed a while to warm up, but when it was that far, some nice smoke came off. The smoke itself has a pure woody scent and a beautiful color, the taste in the flesh was fairly subtle and certainly not overpowering.



  • Good size of chips

  • A very subtle taste

  • A nice scent once smoking

  • A nice structure in the wood



  • The wood has been air dried, which can cause mold at a later time

  • No certification that no pesticides have been used (after checking with various distributors)

  • The smell of the wood in their packaging was a bit musty


What can be done better?

In itself this is a good product: the taste is good, the smell is good, the chips are a nice size. The only thing I can say about this is that more can be done on certification and that the process can be dried from air to oven. This ensures that the chance of fungi is virtually nil.

For the rest: keep on going guys!

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