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Review: No Rubbish "Hardcore Jaws"

In deze review ga ik de "Hardcore Jaws" bespreken.

A while ago I got in touch with No Rubbish on Instagam. These herbs were completely unknown to me so I decided to purchase a test package at

In this review I am going to discuss the "Hardcore Jaws".


First impression

The rub comes in a handy jar with a sprinkle lid for easier dosing.

When opening the lid, the scent of pepper with a hint of citrus immediately enters you.

The rub itself has a coarser structure so that it falls nicely through the opening of the sprinkler lid and hardly sticks together as is usually the case with the finer rubs.

During the first dry taste test, I noticed that this rub has a spicy touch due to the pepper, but that the citrus compensates for this very nicely.


The use

Like every rub, I try it out on a vegetable first. Since I was already testing the "The INCREDIBLE" rub on some sweet potato fries with a Cheeseburger, I made the decision to use this rub on some lettuce Romaine.

Their description states that this rub fits perfectly with Fish, chicken and cow, vegetables should certainly be added to the list. The taste of the rub with the grilled lettuce Romaine was simply sublime! It suited the burger perfectly and gave it that extra layer, some extra power, as it were.



  • It is an all-rounder, it can handle both meat / fish and vegetables;

  • You can also bring the rough structure back to the end result;

  • The combination of pepper and citrus gives the dish extra power



  • I can't think of one right away


What can be done better?

Overall I have no real comments on this rub. He does what he promises and is really great!

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