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Review: No Rubbish 'The Incredible'

A while ago I came into contact with No Rubbish on Instagram. These herbs were completely unknown to me so I decided to purchase a test package at


First Impression

The rub is packed in a nice jar with a spreading and pouring opening, making it suitable for different types of preparations.

The rub itself is a very fine grain, so the spreading opening is sufficient to season your dish.

When I opened the jar, the smell of ginger in combination with the bay leaf immediately came to me, the water was immediately in my mouth.

Time for a product test, see if it is really INCREDIBLE!


The use

Like every rub, I try it out on a vegetable first. Because this rub is characterized by a fusion of South Carolina and Asia, I opted for sweet potato fries.

Now I don't know if it is because of the vegetables or the amount of rub I used but I didn't really taste it in the fries. They did, however, have the spicier touch that ginger gives to a dish, which combined super with the hamburger.

I suspect that I will have to do the test again with a piece of meat.

Yesterday I finally put it to the test with a piece of pork chop and I must say, the taste was much better here!

I sprinkled the cutlet generously with the rub and let it steep for 15 minutes, then grilled briefly at a high temperature and then let it rest for a while. The flavor of the spices in combination with the pork was superb! I now understand why many men are a fan of this.

Conclusion: This rub is more suitable for use on meat and fish than on vegetables.


  • The scent is fantastic

  • You can certainly find the spicier touch of the ginger in your dish

  • The jar is aesthetically pleasing and neutral



  • The bay leaf is not really coming through

  • If you use more of the rub, I think it will come through, but then the ginger will dominate your dish.

  • If you use the spreader opening, it can become clogged when using a larger amount.


What can be done better

I would play a bit more in the ginger / bay leaf ratio, currently ginger is a bit overpowering for me. I may have to change my opinion when I have tested this product on a piece of meat.

EDIT: I finally tested the rub with a piece of pork, this is where the spices come through really nicely.

The sprinkle opening is a nice addition for seasoning smaller pieces of meat, when you are going to season larger pieces this opening can sometimes get stuck, I think that's a shame.

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