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Review: Petromax waffle iron

Some time ago my girlfriend gave me this waffle iron from Petromax for my 30th birthday. I had already mentioned a few times that I was looking for this, et voila! I have NEVER baked waffles myself, let alone on a BBQ or in an open fire. But let's be honest, can life get any better if you sit by a fire with a hot pot of coffee and a hot waffle iron in the coals? It doesn't right?


First impression

Of course I was very enthusiastic when I could unpack this waffle iron! I had been looking for it for a long time.

The waffle iron itself is quite heavy, something you can expect from cast iron and very sturdy. This iron can withstand a lot of fires and will probably outlive you. This is such a device that you pass on to your children and they in turn to their children, I love it!

The only thing that worried me more or less were the wooden handles. They are fairly close to the iron and I suspect that they will burn fairly quickly.


Het gebruik

Of course I'm going to make some waffles for the first use. Before I used the waffle iron I first seasoned it. After baking, I rubbed the waffle iron again with some oil to make sure that my waffles don't stick.

It takes a while to find the right method, place and time where you have to place the waffle iron. On my first attempt I had put the iron directly over the coals and left it there, after 4 minutes I turned the iron over and left it for another 4 minutes. You can see the result on the bottom wafer: almost completely burnt and rock hard.

At attempt number 2 I put my iron on the indirect side and left it a little longer, this worked out much better!

It is of course a bit of playing with the different zones and depending on the heat of the coals.



  • The hinged iron allows you to separate both pieces from each other, this makes cleaning easier and you need less space.

  • Although I first thought that the iron would be too heavy to use frequently, this was not too bad.



  • The iron to keep both sides together gets really hot. This makes loosening the pelvis very dangerous (I got burned a few times)

  • The wood is too close to the grate, causing it to burn very quickly.


What can be done better?

I would look for another way to keep both sides of the waffle iron together. The clip that is now around is really super hot and is very dangerous to burn.

Petromax has already come up with a solution for the wood, as they now also have a longer version where the wood is further from the iron.

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