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The perfect Valentine's menu

Would you like to surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day with a romantic Valentine's Day menu by candlelight?

Especially for Valentine's Day, I put together an original and delicious Valentine's menu here to enjoy extensively with the two of you. These Valentine's dishes are the recipe for a fantastic evening. Live the magic, start a fire!



First it is time for some appetizers as a starter. Smoked salmon is not only delicious as a main course, if you cut it into small cubes you have a very tasty appetizer that everyone will love! Marinate them in rum and you really get a great taste, ideal as an aperitif!



When your glass of cava or champagne and an aperitif are finished, you can slide your legs under the table. These faux grass and white tripe toasts provide a nice balanced flavor to start your dinner party.



To wash down the toast we continue with a nice soup. This tomato soup with balls is made entirely on the BBQ and provides that tasty smoky touch.


Main course

Because not everyone is equally fond of meat or fish, I give you an option for both, so you can choose which one suits you and your partner best.


After the soup you can serve a pork tenderloin with baked sweet potato and tasty maple glazed carrots. This culinary dish is a feast in your mouth and therefore also for your romantic evening.


Do you prefer fish? Then this smoked sea bass with grilled asparagus can certainly appeal to you! The smoky touch in the fish continues the taste sensation of the soup. A topper that should not be missed!



The dessert, this dish makes or breaks your evening. You really can't go wrong with a grilled donut with ice cream!


With these dishes you will really have a great evening with your partner.

I am curious what you will make of it! You can always tag me if you make a recipe from this list!

Live the magic, start a fire!


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