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Tips & Tricks: Create zones

Most of you will have worn it before, your flesh is black and burnt on the outside but still raw on the inside. That's why I usually use the indirect method of cooking meat.

More information about these so-called zones can be found in this blog post!



You create zones by filling your BBQ on one side with charcoal / briquettes and emptying the other side. You can do this by means of briquette rails or coal baskets. The rails clamp on approximately one third of the bottom grid. If you use a coal basket, just fill it with your charcoal / briquettes and put them in the desired place. This way ensures that you can always reposition the zones during your session.



Above the charcoal / briquettes you now have a direct zone, to make it more pleasant for yourself, it is best to make the direct zone as far as possible from where you are standing. In this way you will be less bothered by the heat yourself.

Now you can start grilling on the direct zone, when the meat has nice grill marks you can move it to the indirect zone to continue cooking.



Above the empty coal grate an indirect zone. Meat, fish or vegetables that do not immediately need direct heat is best placed on the indirect zone to prevent burning.

The dish that you place on this zone still gets that delicious BBQ flavor, when it is ready you can still decide to grill it on the direct zone.



When you will use which zone depends on the dish you are going to prepare and the method you are going to use for this.

For a steak, for example, I usually prefer the reverse sear methods, where you first let the steak come to temperature in the indirect zone and then sear it on the direct zone. The reverse is of course also possible.

Actually, you have to look at the zones like a traditional kitchen, the direct zone is the fire on which you will prepare your dish and the indirect zone is the oven that you will use to heat up your dish further.

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