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Tips & Tricks: Minion method

I often read on different forums that not everyone knows the minion method. I will explain this method in these tips & tricks.

For longer sessions you can use the minion method. This method ensures that your briquettes light each other slowly, keeping the temperature fairly low and making it easier to keep stable.


The set-up

Bullet BBQ

You fill your BBQ over the entire surface with briquettes, leaving an opening in the middle where you can place the hot briquettes. The briquettes then slowly burn from the inside out. You can also place a piece of smoking wood here and there, so you determine when you will smoke and when not.


Fill your coal grate with charcoal and leave some space in the middle, just like with a Kogel BBQ. Prepare everything to place your heat deflector.


Fire it up

Bullet BBQ

Fill a coal starter with about 10 briquettes and light it. When the briquettes are white hot, cut them in the middle of the BBQ, put a little smokewood on top and let your BBQ come up to temperature.


Because we don't use briquettes in a kamado, we just put a number of wokkels in the middle of the kamado. We light these and let the BBQ come up to temperature.


To work

Bullet BBQ

Because your BBQ is now full of briquettes, you cannot grill indirectly, you would think. Nothing is less true! By completely wrapping your grid with aluminum foil and placing an attachment, possibly a raised grid in your microwave, you can prepare your dish perfectly with indirect heat. The newer bullet BBQs from Weber are now also equipped with a diffuser plate. This plate ensures that you can always BBQ indirectly. If this is too cumbersome, you can of course also fill half of your BBQ using the minion method, creating two zones.


With a kamado it is all a bit easier.

You simply place the heat deflector in your BBQ here and you can start!


Temperature control

To keep your temperature stable, open the bottom slide a little bit, so there is air supply, and you start playing with the daisy wheel. Via this disc you can further open and close the air outlet depending on the temperature you need.

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