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Tips & Tricks: Reverse Sear method

In the traditional kitchen and cookbooks you always read that you must first color your meat and then continue cooking at a lower temperature. I agree with this for smaller pieces of meat, then we go hot and fast until it has the right color and then let it come to temperature. On our BBQ, this also means that we first have the temperature very high and then have to convert our entire BBQ to continue indirectly at a lower temperature, this is a very time-consuming job.

The reverse sear method reverses the order. We will first cook our meat at a lower temperature and then open all the sliders of the BBQ and sear the meat at a high temperature.


When to use?

We mainly use this method for pieces of meat that are thicker than 1 finger. We do this because the meat is then too thick to use in the direct method.



Set your BBQ to cook at a low temperature, 110 ° C is perfect!

Stick a core thermometer into your meat and let the core temperature rise to 45 ° C.

By slowly bringing the meat up to temperature, the outside will dry out a bit, giving you a nice crust when searing.



When your meat has the right core temperature, you can take it off the BBQ to let it rest.

Convert the BBQ so that you can immediately grill at a higher temperature, about 200 ° C. You do this by opening the bottom slide completely and leaving the lid open.

When the BBQ is up to temperature, place the meat right above the coals and grill it briefly for 1 minute per side.



  • You have more control over your meat

  • Your meat is cooked almost perfectly

  • The meat will have a nice crust

  • You don't have to lower the temperature of your BBQ



  • It may take a while for you to eat

  • With fattier pieces of meat you get bigger flames since the fat has already partially melted.

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