Beef tortilla's

Tortillas, they are delicious and easy to make! Traditionally tortillas are made with chicken, in this recipe I combine the tortillas with a nice piece of beef. Simple and quick, great for a quick bite!


(4 persons)

- 1 striploin steak
- 4 Tortillas
- 8 slices of bacon, smoked
- Handful of Dorito's chips, paprika
- Handful of Cheddar, grated
- Handful of arugula
- 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
- 1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper
- juice of ½ lime


Preparation method:

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Device used:



10 min

15 min

Kogel BBQ

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Preparation method

1. Prepare a BBQ for direct grilling at about 220°C. Place a skillet on the grid and let it heat up together with the BBQ.
Meanwhile, mix the mayonnaise with the cayenne pepper and the juice of half a lime.

2. When the BBQ is up to temperature, fry the bacon in the skillet. When it is crispy, remove the skillet from the heat.

3. While the bacon is cooking in the skillet, season the meat with a spicier BBQ Rub. I used Braairub 2 from De Fik Erin.

4. Grill the meat for 2 minutes per side until you have nice grill marks.

5. When the meat is ready, remove it from the BBQ and let it rest for a while.

6. Meanwhile, put the tortillas on the BBQ and bake until bubbles begin to form.

7. Spread the tortillas with the cayenne mayonnaise and spread the arugula. Cut the meat against the grain and place the pieces on the arugula.
Chop the fried bacon and sprinkle it over the meat along with the cheddar cheese. Crumble over the chips and fold the tortilla.

8. Put everything on the BBQ for a while to heat up again.

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