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Brisket Flat


Brisket consists of 2 muscles that lie on top of each other: the flat and the point. You can choose to prepare the entire brisket in its entirety, after which you separate the muscles from each other, or you can disassemble the brisket in advance and prepare both muscles separately. The point for Burnt Ends and the flat for slices.
In this recipe I show you how I prepare the flat.



- 1 brisket flat (3 kg)
- Your favorite BBQ rub (Firefly Texas Hot 'n Spicy)
- Core thermometer
- Aluminum foil / Butcher's paper


Preparation method:

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Device used:



30 min

6 h

Beef, Rund, Pellet Smoker, GMG, Brisket, Puntborst

Preparation method

1. Remove your brisket from the packaging and let it rest for a while. A brisket is usually vacuum packed, which means that it has to air for a while.
Remove all the thick pieces of fat and the pericarp from the meat with a filleting knife.

2. Prepare a BBQ for indirect smoking at 110 ° C. You do this by working in a bullet BBQ with the snake method.
With a kamado you do this by placing your deflector plate in the BBQ and allowing it to come up to temperature.
I used a pellet smoker where I can enter my temperature via a controller (lazy, I know)

3. While the BBQ is getting up to temperature, we sprinkle the brisket generously with the BBQ rub. I went here for a spicier rub because it pairs nicely with the smooth taste of the brisket.

4. When the BBQ is up to temperature, we put the brisket on the grid. Insert a core thermometer into the thickest part of the meat and cook until a core temperature of 70 ° C.

5. When the brisket has a core temperature of about 70 ° C, it has a very nice color and bark. You can now choose to pack it or not, this choice is entirely up to you!
When you wrap your brisket with aluminum foil, it will lose part of its bark due to the steam, if you wrap it with butcher's paper, the steam goes through the paper and your bark remains intact. If you choose not to pack it, it will have a much darker color and a deeper taste. The cooking time will also be a bit longer.

6. Put the packed brisket, with core thermometer, back on the BBQ and let it cook further to a core temperature of 92 ° C

7. When the brisket has a core temperature of approximately 92 ° C, remove it from the BBQ and let it rest for an hour, covered. This ensures that all juices in the meat come to rest and that it becomes even more tender than it already is.

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