De Fik Erin Short Ribs

Short Ribs, or beef ribs, they really are a top piece of meat! These ribs are cooked very slowly, this way they become so tender that you can cut them with a spoon!


(4 persons)

- Short Ribs (3kg)
- Your favorite BBQ rub (Braairub no.3)
- A fillet knife
- Aluminum foil / Butcher's paper
- Core thermometer


Preparation method:

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Device used:



30 min

6 h

Rund, Beef, Pellet Smoker, GMG, Short Ribs

Preparation method

1. Since short ribs are usually vacuum packed, they must first be aired. Remove the meat from the packaging and let it rest for a while.
Use a filleting knife to cut thicker pieces of fat and silverskin from the meat.

2. Prepare a BBQ for indirect smoking at 110 ° C. You do this by working in a bullet BBQ with the snake method, you can read more about this in my blog.
With a kamado you do this by placing your deflector plate in the BBQ and allowing it to come up to temperature.
I used a pellet smoker where I can enter my temperature via a controller (lazy, I know)

3. While the BBQ is getting up to temperature, sprinkle the meat generously with your favorite BBQ Rub. This was the perfect time for me to test Braairub no.3 by De Fik Erin.

4. When the BBQ is up to temperature, place the meat on the indirect zone. Insert a core thermometer deep into the meat.
Let the meat lie until a core temperature of about 62 ° C

5. When the short ribs have a core temperature of about 62 ° C, we can wrap them in aluminum foil or butcher's paper. This will ensure that the meat cooks a little faster.
I have chosen not to do this.

6. When the meat has a core temperature of approximately 92 ° C, remove it from the BBQ.
Let rest for half an hour.

7. Trim the meat by cutting between the bones. You should now see super juicy and tender meat with a really nice smoky edge.

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