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Pulled Pork


I recently realized that I don't have a recipe for Pulled Pork in my blog yet! Scandalous!!
When I realized this I immediately jumped in the car and drove to a butcher around here for a whole Boston Butt.
A Boston Butt is a full pork shoulder with the shoulder blade still in it. This piece of meat really is a flavor bomb and is perfect for making pulled pork!



- 1 Boston Butt (5.2kg)
- A fillet knife
- 400ml of cola
- 400ml whiskey (Jack Daniels Honey)
- A syringe
- Your favorite BBQ Rub (Captain's Luck)
- Aluminium foil / Butcher's Paper
- A core thermometer (IBBQ-4T)


Preparation method:

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Device used:



1 h

13 h

Pork, Varken, Pellet Smoker, GMG, Pulled Pork

Preparation method

1. Take your piece of meat and start cutting all edges and thick pieces of fat off the meat with your fillet knife.
If you use a Boston Butt, you can release the "money muscle" so that it can catch a little more smoke. The money muscle is located on the opposite end of the shoulder blade.

2. Mix the cola and whiskey in a bowl and draw it up with your syringe. Using your syringe, make a grid all over your meat and inject the mixture. Don't worry about too much of your cocktail coming back out of the meat. The rub will use this moisture to attach itself to the meat.

3. Prepare a BBQ for indirect smoking at 110 ° C. You do this by working in a bullet BBQ with the snake method.
With a kamado you do this by placing your deflector plate in the BBQ and allowing it to come up to temperature.
I used a pellet smoker where I can enter my temperature via a controller (lazy, I know)

4. While your BBQ is getting up to temperature, we will generously sprinkle the piece of meat with our rub. I used Captain's Luck, one of my favorite rubs.

5. When the BBQ is at the right temperature, we place our piece of meat on the indirect zone. Insert your core thermometer deep into the meat and let it smoke to a core temperature of 72 ° C.

6. When the meat has a core temperature of 72 ° C, it is in the "zone". This means that all the fat is melting. Until this has happened, the temperature will no longer rise.
To speed up this process, we are going to wrap the meat with aluminum foil or butcher's paper. If you have some cola and whiskey left, you can add this to the package.

7. Put the wrapped meat, with the thermometer still in it, back on the BBQ and let it cook until a core temperature of 92 ° C.
When the meat has reached this temperature, remove it from the BBQ and leave it rest for an hour!

8. After an hour all the juices in the meat will have calmed down and it is not too hot to pull. Use your fingers or a few claws to separate the meat into fine threads. You can consume this meat right away or you can divide it and freeze it for later.

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