Sweet & Spicy Shrimps

A scampi satay, perfect as a snack or starter. Stick some slices of ham in between and you have a super bite of surf and turf!
I usually use this snack on a BBQ where not many people are present, because they fly through fairly quickly!


(4 persons)

- 16 scampis
- A jar of sweet and sour BBQ sauce
- 16 sheets of black forest ham
- Cajun spices


Preparation method:

Preparation time:

Cooking time:

Device used:



1 h

15 min

Hapje, Kogel BBQ, Kamado, Vis, Scampi's, Streetfood

Preparation method

1. Peel the scampi and remove the intestinal tract.
Put the scampis in a resealable bag and cover with some BBQ sauce.
Let it steep for about 1 hour.

2. Thread 4 scampis per stick with a roll of black forest ham between each piece of scampi.
Season with the cajun herbs.

3. Prepare a BBQ for direct grilling at a temperature of approximately 200°C. You do this by filling the entire coal grid with burning coals.

4. Grill the satés for about 8 minutes until the scampis have a nice pink color.
Place them on a wooden board and place on the table.

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